• Image of Sardaukar
  • Image of Sardaukar
  • Image of Sardaukar
  • Image of Sardaukar

Ferocious, feared and fanatical - the deadliest soldiers in the universe.

Equipped with:
- Long range rifle
- Sardaukar Shank (standard issue blade for hand to hand combat)

The 2nd figure in The Angry Beast: Dune Series
3.75" resin action figure
3 points of magnetic articulation (arms & head)
Hand painted features
Clam-shell packaging

2 colour options (3 of each available):
Orange Helmet - Grey Jumpsuit
Grey Helmet - Orange Jumpsuit
*Note: 1 figure with a grey helmet is a shade lighter than his comrades. This Sardaukar was one of the first soldiers deployed to Arrakis and the time spent in the desert has faded his gear. This figure is listed separately in the purchase options.*

Limited run of 6
Handmade in Toronto
Price listed in USD

Thank you Frank Herbert.

Sold Out